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We arrive on Saturday to the beautiful island of St. Maarten... and we are prepared with our very own copy of the "St. Maarten Island Guide". Thanks guys you have done a fantastic job of creating the ultimate travel guide! We now know the best places to go and see... saves us hours of time researching! :) See you soon!


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Jan Campbell, UK
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Sara- Beth Thiesen, Little Rock , AR 
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"We had a really special time in St Maarten we will never forget and thanks to this guide we saved a fortune!"
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"We have been cruising for years and only now we found a real source for information from someone who really knows what they are talking about – love your 1-day plan option – it made it so easy for us to really decide what we want to do without all the hassles. Thank you guys!"
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"After getting the eBook, the whole family asked me what to do, as if I was a local St. Maartener…I definitely felt like one…"

St. Maarten Restaurant Profile



Ernest & Fidel – Porto Cupecoy, St Maarten

St Maarten Ernest & Fidel Cafe Porto Cupecoy

Why is the name of the Cafe

Ernest & Fidel?


The idea is not to laud dictators. The idea is to embrace the freedom of thought and ideas.


Freedom is the absence of constraint in choice or action; the liberation from the power of another; the quality of being frank, open, or outspoken; having boldness of conception or execution.


Freedom is the ability to be provocative or audacious without the fear of reprisal. What could be more provocative or audacious than throwing together one of the world’s most ruthless dictators and one of its most brilliant and beloved authors?

Ernest & Fidel - Porto Cupecoy, St. MaartenIf Ernest had been born in Fidel’s Cuba, his imagination would have been squelched. If Fidel had been born in the United States he may have taken the meaning of his name to heart and become a man of the cloth. If these two extraordinary men had become friends in Cuba what would have resulted – would Cuba have become a hot bed of free thinking and creativity rather than a country associated with oppression? Would there have been a coffee shop like this in heart of Havana?

In choosing a name for our Cafe, we intentionally selected Ernest and Fidel because of the juxtaposition of the paths these men’s lives took – they are symbols that serve to remind patrons not to take for granted their freedom to engage in imaginative and provocative thinking and to encourage them to discuss politics, current events, art, religion, and the world of what ifs.

Did you know:

The name Ernest means battle to the death.

The name Fidel means faithful.


Coffee Bar

Ernest & Fidel is a new café that will transport you to a place in time when intellectual debate and studies in contrasts were all the rage. Come relax at our spectacularly red glass-tiled coffee bar that is designed to reflect the glamour and sophistication of the Era.

The Ambiance

You will swear you are sitting in a 1920s coffee house in Havana with our wide-planked mahogany floors, plush leather club chairs, and honey colored walls. Pictures of Ernest & Fidel and old Cuba dot the walls to evoke the feeling of what Cuba might have been and still may become.

Free Wi-Fi

During an impassioned debate, access to the Internet to check facts, challenge an opponent, find support for your views is critical. At Ernest & Fidel we provide free wi-fi so that you will be ready to make your next point, start a new debate, or simply check your email in peace.

The Patio

Come alone and sit in one of our big comfy club chairs or bring a group of friends and sit at one of our spacious tables. Have a cigar, or not, and just enjoy the breeze from our tropical ceiling fans and palm trees.


One of our favorite pictures is of young Cubans playing chess. It is for this reason that we have chess boards and other games available. What better way is there to break the ice and start a conversation than over a board game?

The Flavor

We have designed our menu to keep you in an Ernest & Fidel state of mind.


Enjoy our Benedict eggs (Latin-style), Cuban toast, Delight pancakes flavored with grilled pineapple, cardamom, or go Dutch or American with a gouda based omelet or a bagel with lox and cream cheese.


Immerse yourself in the Cuban experience with black bean soup, patacons, or arepas. If your mind is open but your taste buds prefer French, Italian, Dutch, or American, try a quiche, salad, or sandwich inspired by one of these delectable cuisines.

Desserts & Pastries

What better accompaniment to a cup of coffee is there than a sweet or aperitif ? Enjoy Frangelico, Baileys, Amaretto, or our famous tequila coffee shot. If a sweet sounds nice you will find guava, pineapple, banana, and mango confections are all part of our menu. Coco and chocolate are too, the most playful of which is our wink and a nod to Fidel — our signature chocolate cigar.

Coffees & Fresh Juices

What Cuban coffee bar would be complete without offering every type of coffee drink the imagination can conjure? Sip a ristretto, con panna, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, or americano. The taste and aromas of these coffees will awaken your senses and clear your mind.

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