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st-maarten-testimonialPaula Stoffels, British Columbia

We arrive on Saturday to the beautiful island of St. Maarten... and we are prepared with our very own copy of the "St. Maarten Island Guide". Thanks guys you have done a fantastic job of creating the ultimate travel guide! We now know the best places to go and see... saves us hours of time researching! :) See you soon!


Joyce Cummings, Springfield MA  
"The tips about how to negotiate good deal save me $1200 on the new diamond bracelet I bought – thank you very much!"
Jan Campbell, UK
"A great read and so many things I didn't know after going to SXM for so many years! Well worth the $44 even without the coupons! Thank you SO much!"
Sara- Beth Thiesen, Little Rock , AR 
"My goodness…these coupons and discounts made my day and my husband happy…"
Joe, the Bachelor, USA
"I found the Adult entertainment part quite inspiring and I liked your recommendation – will visit again for sure…"
Jed & Clara, NY
"We had a really special time in St Maarten we will never forget and thanks to this guide we saved a fortune!"
Richard and Sharon from Seattle. 
"We have been cruising for years and only now we found a real source for information from someone who really knows what they are talking about – love your 1-day plan option – it made it so easy for us to really decide what we want to do without all the hassles. Thank you guys!"
Michelle, NY
"We enjoyed a great lunch in Escargot, exceptional! – thank you for the coupon!!"
Ben Thompson, NJ
"They did not tell us on the ship about the ‘secret beaches’ – we are glad you guys did…we had a blast!"
Jessica, Chicago IL
"After getting the eBook, the whole family asked me what to do, as if I was a local St. Maartener…I definitely felt like one…"

St Maarten Adventure

St Maarten flight adventureSt Maarten Adventure and Activities?

So Many Choices – Remember the 7 ‘p’s’!

The seven ‘P’s’??

When I first heard that from my Godfather when I was a teenager I thought it was just another one of his fancy army anagrams he used to throw at me to get me motivated to do something – in fact it was just that, but it sure did stick with me all these years.

Being SAS trained (the equivalent of the Navy Seals) my godfather had many such expressions that at the time used to annoy me, but now have proved their worth.

The 7 ‘P’s’ –

Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Pi**-Poor Performance!

So, if you’re into adventure, you will certainly need to be prepared and organized for what St Maarten – St Martin has to offer.

With so much to do here it can be quite a challenge to find the right mix of activities.

We’ll help you break it down into smaller digestible chunks you can manage.

St. Maartens’ geographic diversity….

….from high mountain tops to shallow lagoons and diving reefs, it makes St Maarten St Martin perfect for a wide range of adventurous activities including –

  • mountain biking
  • road racing
  • hiking
  • abseiling
  • paragliding
  • parasailing
  • kite-surfing
  • rock climbing
  • kayaking
  • road-running
  • triathlons
  • surfing
  • deep-sea fishing

And the list goes on.

To read articles about all the activities, fun stuff and even how to entertain your kids whilst on vacation, click here

Find Out More about St Maarten!To truly get an insiders look at all the activities available, you need a compact, easy to read guide with everything you need to know including special offers.

Discover how you can save up to 20% on all your favorite activities in St Maarten if you’re here for a day or a week! We will guide you to the experts with all the equipment you need and even sports clubs who can tell you about upcoming events so you can co-ordinate your trip!



st martin adventure zip line jungleFly Like Tarzan Through The Jungle!

…..Or watch your kids do it while you sip mojitos on the deck of the tree-top lounge listening to cool vibes and sampling tapas and exotic snacks.

st Martin loterie farm pic paradis

Loterie Farm at Pic Paradis

Loterie Farm in St Martin is one of those rare places you can spend a whole vacation in – lot’s to do if you love the great outdoors. you can hike way up into the hills under the cool protection of the jungle canopy or you can take a speedy ‘zip-line’ ride in amongst the trees and enjoy the thrill ride of flying through the jungle canopy dozens of feet off the ground.

The zip-line has 3 levels –  kids, intermediate and ‘extreme’ for the daring. I’ve done it a bunch of times with my kids and they love it. Usually a birthday party is when we all go as a group and make a day of it by lunching at the restaurant (Hidden Forest Cafe) which is very good.

They’ve also just opened a large natural spring pool with private cabanas – a great way to cool off in the lush surroundings.

We will shortly have a special discount offer in our book so make sure you check it out before you leave home.

Rte. de Pic du Paradis, St Martin FWI | Tel: (0590) 87.86.16
From the U.S. please dial: 011-590-590-87-76-16



st maarten adventure  water sports rhino riders

st maarten water sport adventure

St Maarten Rhino Rides – What A Thrill!

These safe, sturdy, custom made boats are a great way to to get out and about in confidence and have great fun at the same time. You’ll also get to go to great snorkeling sites like Creole Rock.

We did it thinking it would be just like a souped up jet-ski, but it’s much more a great fun for all the family. If you want to do something different this is a BLAST!

3 Time WINNER of the Tour of The Year Award!

We will shortly have a special discount offer in our book so make sure you check it out before you leave home.

Located behind Pineapple Pete Restaurant, across the street from Paradise Plaza Casino. Welfare Road is also known as the main road, or Airport Road.
011 (599) 557-4466
011 (599) 544-3150

St Martin Paintball! – Get Down and Dirty!

If you love paintball then this is as authentic and as much fun as you would find anywhere!
On the road to St Martin Orient Beach next to the Cadisco gas station. It has all the obstacles and barricades including old cars and buses to navigate your way around against your opponents.
Make sure you wear long pants and sleeves if you don’t want a few bruises! Aged 12yrs and up.
We occasionally go here for the adrenalin rush with some friends and enjoy shooting eachother all over the place for a few hours – great fun!
TOP TIP! – Watch out for a NEW paintball location opening soon in the heart of Simpson Bay! We’ll let you know when it’s open and see of we can get a discount coupon in our special book!
It’s 20 Euros (around $30) with helmet, gun and pads provided.
Call for info at
0690 810-320
Open Sat. + Sun.
from 9am to 5pm

St Maarten Adventures – Go-Karting!

From youngsters to adults and beginners to experts, you can get the thrill of motor sports in a safe and friendly environment.
My daughter chose this activity for her 10th birthday! She invited all her friends and we spent a good few hours there racing around (some much slower than others!)
It’s a large winding track on a large lot behing the GESS Gas station (so, why do we give directions in terms of gas stations? EASY, there’s so few of them and you’ll definitely pass them on the road of course!) on the road from Marigot on the long sloping hill to Grand Case.

Coconut Tree’s Go Karting
Route de la Savane
Grand Case
97150 Saint Martin F.W.I.

Cell. 0690 74 35 65

Open every day from 11am to Midnight


Tr-Sport St Maarten

TriSport is your hub of information on events, clubs , trails and basically anything to do with St. Maarten’s hidden eco environment!

Oh, and they also sell stuff!

Tri-Sport is St. Maarten’s sole distributour of Trek USA, Cannondale, Giant and Scott bicycles, besides all of the accessories and components that go hand in hand with these world famous brands!

Tri-Sport can help you to explore the lesser known eco side of our beautiful island! Really- many of our full time residents don’t even know about the many unexplored off road trails and secluded beaches that exist on our 37-square-mile rock! They will show you how to find these treasures and more!

Whether it be by bicycle, foot or kayak, we can show you some out of the way trails, paddling routes and  short cuts to make your holiday as healthy and outdoorsy as can be!

Join one of their daily guided private and group tours or be adventurous and head out on your own!

They offer Trek and Gary Fisher Bicycles for daily, weekly and monthly rental, as well as Single and Double Kayaks for hourly, daily and weekly rates.

For more info on recommended routes and equipment that they provide with the bicycles and kayaks, check out the individual categories on their website.

Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday – they race!

14B Airport Blvd, Simpsonbay, St.Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

Tel 011(599)545-4384
Fax 011(599)545-4385

Email :



Find Out More about St Maarten!If you REALLY want to make the MOST of a fun day out in St Maarten St Martin…

Whether you’re on a cruise stop-over for the day or staying at one of the many St Maarten hotels, get the run-dwon on all the insider information from the locals and make it a trip of a lifetime.





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