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st-maarten-testimonialPaula Stoffels, British Columbia

We arrive on Saturday to the beautiful island of St. Maarten... and we are prepared with our very own copy of the "St. Maarten Island Guide". Thanks guys you have done a fantastic job of creating the ultimate travel guide! We now know the best places to go and see... saves us hours of time researching! :) See you soon!


Joyce Cummings, Springfield MA  
"The tips about how to negotiate good deal save me $1200 on the new diamond bracelet I bought – thank you very much!"
Jan Campbell, UK
"A great read and so many things I didn't know after going to SXM for so many years! Well worth the $44 even without the coupons! Thank you SO much!"
Sara- Beth Thiesen, Little Rock , AR 
"My goodness…these coupons and discounts made my day and my husband happy…"
Joe, the Bachelor, USA
"I found the Adult entertainment part quite inspiring and I liked your recommendation – will visit again for sure…"
Jed & Clara, NY
"We had a really special time in St Maarten we will never forget and thanks to this guide we saved a fortune!"
Richard and Sharon from Seattle. 
"We have been cruising for years and only now we found a real source for information from someone who really knows what they are talking about – love your 1-day plan option – it made it so easy for us to really decide what we want to do without all the hassles. Thank you guys!"
Michelle, NY
"We enjoyed a great lunch in Escargot, exceptional! – thank you for the coupon!!"
Ben Thompson, NJ
"They did not tell us on the ship about the ‘secret beaches’ – we are glad you guys did…we had a blast!"
Jessica, Chicago IL
"After getting the eBook, the whole family asked me what to do, as if I was a local St. Maartener…I definitely felt like one…"

St Maarten News

Recent and past posts of the best events and news direct from St Maarten. Catch the latest St Maarten News…

Best Things To Do In St Maarten

Best Things To Do In St Maarten


Great article from US News about the best things to do in St Maarten – St Martin along with world rankings under various categories.


We would, in our humble opinion, agree with some but not all of the things on their list – it’s obvious to us they haven’t got an ‘insider’s’ edge like we have and have missed a few not-so-obvious attractions like particular restaurants or the many scenic and secret photo spots and beautiful lookouts that you won’t find in any online guide or website – EXCEPT perhaps our own insider’s guide – St Maarten Island Guide.

St Martin Grand Case



St Maarten is ranked….


#2 in ‘Best Winter Vacations’

#3 in ‘Best Caribbean Honeymoons’

#5 in ‘Best Caribbean Vacations’


#5 in ‘Best Islands in the World’



St Martin Le Galion Beach




US News Travel Section has a survey of all the islands ranked in ‘Best’ categories where you too can vote for the island you love the most or you think should NOT be on the list – check it out HERE.

For the Best Things To Do In St Maarten – St Martin click HERE or HERE




St Maarten Heineken Regatta

St Maarten Heineken Regatta

Some ‘Serious’ Fun!


It’s that time of year again and teams from all around the world are arriving in St Maarten in preparation for the 34th annual St Maarten Heineken Regatta starting March 6th through til March 9th..


As usual we will be taking many photos and video and posting them on our Facebook page as well as on St Maarten Island Guide.


You can also watch the racing around Great Bay LIVE on our St Maarten webcam which we will position to see the best vantage point and also to see the action on the boardwalk during the party!


Here is a quick intro video for you to enjoy telling you what the ‘serious fun’ is all about at this years’ St Maarten Heneken Regatta – Enjoy!





For more in-depth information go to the St Maarten Heineken Regatta official home page

Jet Blast DOES Hurt

Jet Blast Hurls Girls Against Concrete Road Pavers

Well, it was going to happen one day

‘Riding the fence’ would soon claim an injury to someone who was just a little too brave when the plane was a little too close.



Girl Blown Away By Jet Blast

Laura Dekker Arrives in St Maarten

Laura Dekker Arrives in St Maarten!

Youngest Person to Sail Around the World Single-handedly!

Arrives in St Maarten

Laura Dekker St MaartenDespite many delays, interference from Dutch social workers, going missing, being arrested in St Maarten and get snubbed by the Guinness Book of World Records, Laura Dekker finally arrived at her final destination – St Maarten – after circumnavigating the world single-handedly, facing torrential rains and winds and braving massive waves and inhospitable stretches of the ocean.

A brave girl proved to one and all that sometimes age is NOT the only consideration.

Well done Laura! see you at the bridge in Simpson Bay!
The Island Team


Check back here later for video updates of her arrival and celebration.

Here is a photo gallery of her arrival…

St Maarten Laura Dekker flotilla


st maarten laura dekker arriving home


st maarten laura dekker welcoming committee..




st maarten laura dekker arrives


st maarten laura dekker arriving


st maarten laura dekker arriving on the dock



st maarten laura dekker interviews



St Maarten Fireworks New Year

St Maarten Fireworks – The Highlights

Just in case you missed them…..the annual St Maarten Fireworks display

We think you’ll agree that the display gets better every year. Good job SXM!

For more great videos, subscribe to our You Tube channel – you can opt to be notified whenever a new video comes out.


Shaquille O’Neal, Wyclef Jean & Others Visit

Arabella Caribbean's own Gossip ColumnistShaquille O’Neal, Wyclef Jean & Others Visit

Shaq Goes Shopping in Philipsburg

Jon Bon Jovi pays a flying visit

And Wyclef entertains in St Barths




St Maarten Airport

Great St Maarten Airport Footage – old and new, small & large planes

A few clips of the best aspects of landings, takeoffs and jet-blasts at one of the worlds’ most fascinating airports. St Maarten Airport.



Here is Saba:


More Saba videos and articles HERE


Here is St Barts:


More St Barts videos and info HERE


St Maarten St Maritn Airport, known as Princess Juliana International Airport, considered to be one of our main attraction in St Maarten. Although St. Maarten is a little island, with daily flights from the leading airlines in US, Europe, South America and neighbor islands no wonder that the airport of St Maarten St Marin is one of the busiest in the region. If you are planning a trip over and you are looking into booking flight to St Maarten then St Maarten St Martin  airport code is simply SXM.


St Marten airport located in one of the beautiful St Maarten beaches. The runway is actually located right on the edge of Maho Beach and every landing and Taking off is a breath taking experience. One of the world famous bars – Sunset Beach Bar – located right on the beginning of the runway is by far, one of the main attraction of our island. St Maarten Airport is probably the only place in the world where you can almost touch the planes while landing…especially after few drinks…


so…buckle up, sit back, relax and enjoy the flight…

Get the book


World Fashionista

Arabella Caribbean's own Gossip ColumnistWorld Fashionista Reality Show 2011 has finally come to town.

Philipsburg that is.

10 glorious females from around the world all vying for the title of World Fashionista

And a fashionista is what?

Well according to the press release, the winner of this contest is not DIVA material, rather ICONIC and judging from their submitted videos these ladies have plenty to bring to the table.

The competition is fierce. Candidates from as far flung as Australia, Japan, USA, Slovakia, France and even Azerbaidjan as well as our own ladies from both sides of the island will be represented.

Four celebrity judges including Laurie from Bravo Television’s The Real housewives of Orange County hold the power to make a career for the lucky winner.

Tomorrow is all about hooking up with the production team to learn more. Stay tuned. I wonder how these ladies are handling a very rainy first Sunday here in St. Maarten/St. Martin. Will let you know…..


Arabella Does It All

<< NOTE: Who is Arabella? Click HERE to find out>>>>

Arabella Caribbean's own Gossip Columnist


Let’s talk major money madness.

This week takes me to St. Barth’s to check out villas for clients.

Can’t make the same mistake as last year! Imagine having clients who cannot get a last minute mega yacht or villa in St. Barth’s. Why you might ask? And you should… And should you feel desperately sorry for these disenfranchised rich and famous people!!!

Enter Mr. Roman Abromovich with an estimated fortune of US$13.6 billion.

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Oyster Bay Roaring 20’s Party

<< NOTE: Who is Arabella? Click HERE to find out>>>>

Arabella Caribbean's own Gossip ColumnistOK. So recovery is not all that it’s cracked up to be.


Oyster Bay St Maarten PartyIngrid Bosnie’s Roaring 20’s party Friday night at Oyster Bay Resort was everything and more than promised.

Fabulous mix of people with the Prime Minister Mrs. Sarah Wescott Williams leading the flappers. Yet again, Ingrid pulled out all the stops. The hotel entrance and lobby area were designed around the low-light, smoky, sultry atmosphere of a speakeasy bar during prohibition.

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