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st-maarten-testimonialPaula Stoffels, British Columbia

We arrive on Saturday to the beautiful island of St. Maarten... and we are prepared with our very own copy of the "St. Maarten Island Guide". Thanks guys you have done a fantastic job of creating the ultimate travel guide! We now know the best places to go and see... saves us hours of time researching! :) See you soon!


Joyce Cummings, Springfield MA  
"The tips about how to negotiate good deal save me $1200 on the new diamond bracelet I bought – thank you very much!"
Jan Campbell, UK
"A great read and so many things I didn't know after going to SXM for so many years! Well worth the $44 even without the coupons! Thank you SO much!"
Sara- Beth Thiesen, Little Rock , AR 
"My goodness…these coupons and discounts made my day and my husband happy…"
Joe, the Bachelor, USA
"I found the Adult entertainment part quite inspiring and I liked your recommendation – will visit again for sure…"
Jed & Clara, NY
"We had a really special time in St Maarten we will never forget and thanks to this guide we saved a fortune!"
Richard and Sharon from Seattle. 
"We have been cruising for years and only now we found a real source for information from someone who really knows what they are talking about – love your 1-day plan option – it made it so easy for us to really decide what we want to do without all the hassles. Thank you guys!"
Michelle, NY
"We enjoyed a great lunch in Escargot, exceptional! – thank you for the coupon!!"
Ben Thompson, NJ
"They did not tell us on the ship about the ‘secret beaches’ – we are glad you guys did…we had a blast!"
Jessica, Chicago IL
"After getting the eBook, the whole family asked me what to do, as if I was a local St. Maartener…I definitely felt like one…"

st maarten hotels

St Maarten Resorts

Big and Small, St. Maarten has it All!!

Why bigger isn’t necessarily better

From my point of view  a resort is classed as something like an all-inclusive without the ‘inclusive’ part – ie you get all the amenities such as pool, beach access, gym, perhaps a spa, restaurants, bars, concierge and activity services…but not all of it is included in the price of your room. Continue reading

St Maarten Hotels

Making Your St Maarten Accommodation Choice Easy

Princess Heights St MaartenWe’ve Worked with the Hotels in St Maarten & St Martin and Know the Managers Personally – We Know the Deals

Many St. Maarten hotels are not actually solely hotels – especially on the Dutch Side – many are also timeshare or fractional ownership and will entice you ‘take a tour’ in order to interest you in their timeshare products – some of which are excellent and we give you great information about that in the timeshare section of our Ultimate Insiders Guide to St. Maarten.

In our humble opinion, the most glamorous and glitziest hotel on the island (on the French side) is not necessarily the best value – you can have a fabulous pool, gourmet restaurant and spacious comfortable rooms for half the price if you shop wise…….. Continue reading

Sonesta Maho Beach Resort SXM

St Maarten Maho Beach – the Center of the Action?

With many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, a casino and lot’s of flashing lights, Maho can seem a bit like a mini Vegas.

Add to that 2 major hotels and the excitement of the planes landing at the foot of Maho beach and you have quite a lot going on in an area no bigger than quarter of a square mile.


Hotels In Philipsburg St. Maarten

The Holland House Experience

In the heart of Philipsburg

St Maarten has many Hotels and many timeshare condominiums. One of the smaller and perpetually popular hotels is the Holland House Beach Hotel. With its 54 guest rooms and suites this beautiful hotel in the capital of St Maarten is earning an excellent reputation on the island.

st maarten great bay beachTheir location is unique – right on the beach and in the middle of the duty free shopping center of Front Street. The hotel is a boutique style, easy going, family hotel where more and more leisure travelers find their way to explore the best of St Maarten…… Continue reading

Villas Rentals in St. Maarten

Villa Rentals

From Quaint and Cosy to Palatial

saint maarten villa rentalsSt. Maarten villa rentals are abundant and plentiful on both sides of the island. St. Martin villas are no different in their appeal to Dutch side villas but may have a little different architectural flair that can give you a sense of being on the French Riviera.

So what’s the difference between a villa and a house? Well, the term ‘villa’ originally came from ancient Rome and the definition was a large home with groups of buildings around a central courtyard. A house, on the other hand was considered a large building with many floors above that contained perhaps numerous families who were ‘housed’ together under one roof for shelter from the elements. Continue reading

St. Maarten Timeshares

The Pros and Cons of Timeshare

Why you shouldn’t believe everything you’re told

st maarten timeshareTimeshare is one of the most popular forms of vacation ownership on the island – with the majority of hotel rooms on the Dutch Side being also Timeshare or ‘fractional ownership’ – these are basically the same thing – you pay a certain amount to ensure you have the same week or weeks every year for the rest of your life in the same room with the same view – very reliable and cost-effective over the long run.

And now that Timeshare has diversified it’s product so much over the years to remain competitive, you can swap your week in Nassau for a week in St. Maarten, or Aruba or pretty much anywhere else for that matter if you fancy a change one year. Continue reading

St Maarten Guest Houses

St Maarten Guest Houses

Some Great Deals to be Had

st maarten guest houseIn St. Maarten you can have the low budget, no frills type of accommodation many of which are located in Philipsburg or Marigot and are great easy access for shoppers or business people passing through, or you can go for the higher end guest houses located in various ‘districts’ most of which are inland with a few exceptions – which are on the beach.

Depending on the time of year you choose to come you can get a discount at a major hotel that will end up the same price as a guest house! Plus you have all the amenities such as gym, spa, sauna, pools, restaurants and bars etc. (you may even get a beautiful sea view!) Continue reading

St Maarten Cruise Cam
2015 Cruise Ship Schedule