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Things to do in st maarten

If you are heading to St Maarten by cruise ship or by air…

…you ABSOLUTELY NEED this information!

In our revised Version of the St Maarten Island Guide, we have added even more great things to do during a long or very short stay.

You have spent thousands of dollars on your trip, isn’t $13.50 a small price to pay to ensure you get a once in a lifetime experience?

You will be able to:

  • Eat & drink in the BEST PLACES cheaper!
  • Know where to go DIRECTLY from the cruise ship or airport to get the BEST DEALS!
  • Be able to PLAN your ENTIRE day whether you’re with family, with a lover or single!
  • You won’t waste a single minute scratching your head wondering which beach to visit
  • best and cheapest place for diving, snorkeling, tanning (clothed or not) eating, drinking, island hopping, sailing, shopping, jet skiing, kite surfing, horse riding, hiking, fishing, cycling, kyaking… and tons more
  • AND ONE SECRET TIP that we know will blow you away… GUARANTEED!
The Ultimate Insiders Guide To St. Maarten + $1,000 Coupon Book + Bonuses
The Ultimate Insiders Guide To St. Maarten + $1,000 Coupon Book + Bonuses

Packed with over 100 pages of well-written & researched, concise, ESSENTIAL INFORMATION that anyone looking to visit St. Maarten/ St. Martin needs to know!

Includes - TOP 5 beaches and restaurants, 'secret' beaches, how to save money on vacation, health & safety, cruise tips and MUCH more you won't find anywhere else!

This offer still includes our HUGE, up to date coupon book with dozens of special offers, discounts & giveaways.



Price: $27.00
Price: $13.50